Paul Walker Is The New Hitman

As Fox reloads the game adaptation

Paul Walker, Hitman Absolution

The last time 20th Century Fox attempted to mine the Square Enix video game series Hitman, it used a director with one film under his belt (Xavier Gens), a script by Skip Woods and an actor known for brooding performances (Timothy Olyphant). The result was a critical flop but put nearly $100 million worldwide in the bank. Now, of course, the studio is thinking reboot, with Paul Walker as the barcoded baldie who has a way with a weapon.

This go-around, the man behind the camera is Aleksander Bach, who has even less big screen experience than Gens but who boasts a hefty roster of respected commercials. And who is writing script? Step forward Skip Woods once more.

Walker will step into Agent 47’s sharp suit and shiny bonce as the genetically engineered assassin for the new film, which Bach will shoot in Berlin and Singapore, though the plot is being kept under wraps for now. If the history of the game and the original 2007 film is anything to judge by, lots of bullets will fly and plenty of blood will flow. We're just hoping that it makes a bit more sense than that effort, which even Olyphant couldn't save.

Before he submits to the razor’s edge (or the bald cap’s embrace), Walker will be back on our screens for the explosion of vehicular warfare that is Fast & Furious 6. It drives on to our screens on May 24 and you can check out the latest trailer below. Wonder if PW will get shiny head grooming tips from his old pal Vin Diesel?