Pacific Rim WonderCon Trailer Arrives

Jaeger! Kaiju! Ship! Batter up!

Never let it be said that Guillermo del Toro – and his backers at Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures – don’t listen to demands. Though the director announced at WonderCon that the Pacific Rim footage shown there would only be screened once more before release (at CinemaCon), he has heard the cries of the many and now the extended trailer is online for everyone to enjoy.

The trailer lets Dr. Newton Geiszler (played in the film by Charlie Day) explain a little more about the motives of the monstrous Kaiju – to whit, they first made landfall in San Francisco and began their attacks on population centres so as to take out the “vermin” (or "the human race" as we prefer to be called). Admittedly, given their actions, it's not exactly the most original theory, though Geiszler seems to think we should try to understand them. “Or we could just blow ‘em to pieces,” counters Jaeger pilot Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam). Guess which idea gets more play here?

Yes, del Toro’s giant robots vs massive monsters mash-up offers more destruction and glimpses at cast members including Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi and Ron Perlman, plus, of course, Elba once more urging his pilots to cancel the apocalypse.

Pacific Rim lands on our screens on July 12. Take a gander at one of the trailers below and check out our breakdown…