Odette Yustman Headed To The Double

Along with Castle's Stana Katic...

Have you been reading the casting news for spy thriller T**he Double and been thinking to yourself, ‘Well, Richard Gere, Topher Grace and Stephen Moyer are all very well, but what about a brace of exceedingly attractive ladies for the gentleman cinemagoer?’ Prepare your brain for the happy dance, fans of aforementioned female-type persons, because [The Unborn’s Odette Yustman and Quantum of Solace's** Stana Katic have just joined the cast](http://www.heatvisionblog.com/2010/06/stana-katic-and-odette-yustman-join-the-double.html).

Wanted co-writer Michael Brandt’s directorial debut tracks a retired CIA agent (Richard Gere) who must team up with a young FBI agent (Grace) to find the Russian spy who slaughtered a senator.

Katic, usually to be found trading quips with Nathan Fillion on the TV mystery show Castle, has signed on to play a bolshie Russian prostitute who is holding on to some vital information.

Yustman, meanwhile, will be Grace’s wife, who is raising the family while also dealing with her husband’s increasingly hectic and dangerous career at the FBI.

Brandt’s regular scripting partner Derek Haas co-wrote the script, and production gets underway on June 21. With Katic in particular on board, we are now 73% more interested in the film.