Night And Fog Picked Up For Screen

New twist on the Nazi zombie?

Sick of chocolate, Christmas and the warm cozy feeling of being with family? Well, good news: there's another horror comic set to be adapted for the screen, in the form of Studio 407's Night and Fog (not to be confused with the 1955 Holocaust documentary of the same name).

Producers Shane McCarthy and Gil Adler have optioned the comic, which sees scientists on an island military base off the Canadian coast innocently following in the steps of Nazi research and accidentally unleashing a mysterious mist which transforms people into zombie-like (at first) monsters. The few remaining unaffected have to fight for their life against fog and an increasingly terrifying foe. The mini-series was written by Matthew Bradford and Alex Leung, and illustrated by Roberto Castro.

You can read the first section of the first comic over here. Otherwise you'll have to keep eyes peeled in case producer Adler can turn this into comic book movie success, following his work on Superman Returns and Constantine.

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