Next Horror Remake: I Spit On Your Grave

Plus another Amityville. Yawn.

Surely we're getting near the bottom of the pile now. But the quest to re-jig any horror film with lasting name recognition continues, and Anchor Bay are currently filming I Spit on Your Grave in Shreveport, LA, with a Hallowe'en 2010 release date in mind.

For those who've so far missed it, Meir Zachi's I Spit on Your Grave was one of the key films in the BBFC and Daily Mail "video nasties" moral panic of the early 80s. It's about a girl who's gang-raped (for about half the movie) and left for dead, but survives to exact creatively graphic revenge on everyone involved.

Not violent enough, according to new director Steven Monroe, who will be "upping the length and brutality of the tortures and kills, as they were quite short in the original." Nice.

Elsewhere, according to Bloody Disgusting, there's a new Amityville Horror brewing at the Weinsteins' Dimension Films. Not a sequel. Another remake, a mere five years after the Platinum Dunes debacle (MGM's official sequel, The Amityville Tapes, has been back-burnered amid the studio's recent troubles). Nurse, the screens!