New Wall•E Snippet Online: Updated


Update: You can now watch this in much better quality, and in English, here. HD cuteness!

We're going to go out on a limb right now and say that Wall•E, Pixar's next, is going to be wonderful and will make us cry and hoot with laughter in equal measure. This is based on the roughly 40 seconds of footage we've seen so far.

The brief snippet that you can find here at allocine – which brilliantly means 'Hello cinema!' in French – doesn't show much new from the film, but there's a cute little interaction with the anglepoise lamp in the Pixar logo which should brighten a wet Monday afternoon.

Seriously, how cute is this little guy? He doesn't talk, but there's something about the character design that says everything he needs to. When he jumps with fright at nearly squashing his little cockroach pal? Brilliant.

All at Disney and Pixar are reluctant to give away any story details right now, although it's widely known that the film's about a little robot who is the last of his kind on Earth, charged with tidying up the fetid planet, which has been vacated by its grubby inhabitants, all alone. He apparently has an obsession with Hello Dolly and falls in love with a probe robot who is sent to Earth to monitor the clean up operation. It's also said that the film is largely dialogue free, which, given what we've seen so far, could be absolutely fantastic. Can't wait for this one.