New Twilight Eclipse Banner Posters!

Edward! Bella! Jacob! The other guys!

Just when you thought you hadn’t seen enough Twilight: Eclipse posters, we give you even more. Now, without looking, can you guess what the lead characters are doing?

If you thought they’re all riding bareback on black stallions wielding cutlasses and screaming at the sun, you’d be wrong. If you thought they were standing in front of a gloomy, murky background, grumpily staring down the barrel of a camera with about as much enthusiasm as a dead duck in a bin, then you’d be right. 20 Empire points for you!

Some might cock an eyebrow, some might have their hair blown backwards for no particular reason… some might even be more overtly retouched and over-photoshopped than the others, but it’s the same Twilight poster you know and, um, love.

Still, it’s Edward! Bella! Jacob! The other guys! Whatever they’re called! Awesome! Aiiiiii!

So yes, a word to the wise. What with previews starting at the beginning of next month and the film on general release on July 9, it’s the beginning of Twilight fever, and if there’s anything to divert the world’s attention away from the World Cup, it’s this. What we need know is R-Pattz tooting his vuvuzela on the next poster. Snap to it, publicity people.