New How To Train Your Dragon 2 Trailer Arrives

The wyrm has turned

Flaming Nora, it’s the new How To Train Your Dragon 2 trailer and it’s more chockfull of wyrmy goodness than Smaug’s Christmas eggnog. The Hobbit may boast one scaly fire-breather but we lost count at approximately a GAJILLION here. Gasp at the scaly majesty for yourself below.

The sequel picks up five years after the first movie. The Vikings, now with handy dragon-based transport - longboats now being for suckers - are able to explore far beyond the boundaries of the island of Berk. Teenager Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and cuddly Toothless the Dragon are at the vanguard of this exploration, flying far and wide to explore the newly discoverable world and pillage it for its natural resources encounter mysterious Dragon Rider and Cate Blanchett’s hermetic dragon rescuer.

Trouble, however, is brewing for the pair and possibly their Viking homestead too, in the form of a dark force gathering dragons to conquer the world. Hopefully this will match the success of the first film, replete as it was with gentle dignity, genuine emotion and large, barnacle-nosed Norsemen. See for yourself when How To Train Your Dragon flaps in and accidentally scorches your nearest cinema on July 4, 2014. Head to the teaser trailer for more scaly loveliness in the meantime.