New Top Gun 3D Trailer

Holy shit, it's Maverick and Goose

Top Gun

If you've got a hot cup of coffee in your hand, now might be a good time to put it down because this man is requesting permission to buzz the tower. Yes, there's a new Top Gun 3D trailer in town and it's viewable over at Yahoo! Movies. Click here to see Maverick and Goose in action.

No-one should need the plot explained at this point, which is fortunate because there really isn't one. Suffice to say, hot-shot Tomcat pilot Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell - played by future half of an actual TomKat, Tom Cruise - has some daddy issues, a chip on his shoulder and talent to burn. Twenty-seven years on (gulp) from his first big-screen appearance and his ego is still writing cheques his body can't cash. Although obviously these days it'd be more of a chip-and-pin scenario.

For all its kitsch joys and over-the-top beats, Tony Scott's airborne actioner divides people, but Top Gun on IMAX? We're in. Seriously, it isn't every day you get to see Michael Ironside's head in 70mm.

If you're in America, you can catch it on the very big screen from February 8-13 - you lucky people - although there's no news of a UK IMAX release yet. For everything we know so far about the long developing Top Gun 2, click here.