New Terminator Salvation Trailer Online

And it be awesome.

The new trailer for Terminator Salvation has gone online over at Apple and… wowee. It looks the business.

Combining some of the footage seen at Comic-Con and Empire’s own Movie-Con with brand-new effects heavy stuff (including a doozy of a last shot), the new trailer for McG’s Terminator sequel lays out some more of the plot – Christian Bale’s John Connor and his troops are fighting, and losing, to SkyNet’s machines when amnesiac Marcus (Sam Worthington) comes into their lives – than the teaser.

We also get to see some more of the characters, with Anton Yelchin doing his best to sound like a raspy, teenaged Kyle Reese, Common as fellow rebel Barnes, Bryce Dallas Howard as Connor’s wife Kate, and Moon Bloodgood as Blair.

But, though there’s plenty of time dedicated to Sam Worthington, who may or may not be a Terminator, it’s clear that Warners is marketing this as the Christian Bale show – and, after The Dark Knight, that’s hardly a surprise. Bale dominates the trailer, with plenty of intense dialogue and glimpses of major action beats, including one where mean-looking Terminator bikes zip after the rebels at impressive speeds.

And the teaser also throws up some questions, notably about the existence of that much-rumoured, highly controversial ending, which we thought had been debunked. But you never know…

Either way, it’s been a while since a trailer for a major movie demanded a frame-by-frame play – and finally we have one, for a movie that looks like it could actually be worthy of following in James Cameron’s mighty footsteps.

Click here to watch the new trailer for McG’s Terminator Salvation and then, by all means, do come back here to have a good old natter.