New Terminator Salvation Pics

April Empire stars Bale & Co.

It's that time again: the new Empire is out this Thursday and we have a heck of an issue for you. Led by Terminator Salvation and Christian Bale, in his first post-outbreak interview, it's an issue jam-packed with exclusive interviews, news and reviews.

We've got a huge feature on the entire Terminator series to this point, looking at the films, the TV show and with all-new interviews from many of the people who made it. We've also got a big interview with Russell Crowe for his ace new film State of Play, we were on the set of The Damned United with Michael Sheen and on The Boat That Rocked with Richard Curtis. We even found time to jet to Sweden to talk to the director of new vampire chiller Let The Right One In.

Empire Terminator Salvation Cover)
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Click to enlargeAnd there's much, much more in the new issue of Empire, on shelves Thursday. Click for more details on what's inside the issue.