New Taken 2 Stills Slam Onto The Web

Bryan Mills is back in action...

Taken may not have been everyone's cup of cocoa - its politics ranged from a 'bit iffy' to 'borderline fascistic' - but those who loved it, and there was $224m worth of love for this thriller, went to the mattresses for it. Taken 2 looks like repeating the trick...

One thing everyone can agree on is that Liam Neeson's one-man thuggenaut of guns and fists is a cinematic force of nature to rival Bronson in Death Wish and Marvin in Point Blank. Woe betide any villain who gets between him and his family.

Judging by EW's new pics from the sequel, Mills's particular set of skills hasn't got rusty in the three years since he took down Parisan underworld.

To that skillset, Mills seems to have added the ability to make fire with his mind. Run and hide bad guys.

The thread between Taken 2 and its precursor is a gangster whose son Mills killed in the first film's rescue. To avenge himself, the crim kidnaps the former CIA man's ex-wife (Famke Janssen) and daughter (Maggie Grace). Don't expect them to stay kidnapped for long.

Taken 2 storms our screens on October 5.