New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

Possible spoilers, definite excitement

Oh boy, the final theatrical trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness is here and it's a doozy. This does contain a few snippets from the film's second and third acts, so beware if you're trying to stay spoiler-free, but by golly it will get the blood pumping. Check it out below.

Some of this we've already seen: the attack on London and on Starfleet HQ, the ships falling from the skies, the fight through the air, Zoe Saldana's Uhura getting her action on and Chris Pine's Kirk looking as worried as we've ever seen him.

But now we have our first good look at the movie's Klingons, a hella big, hella scary ship appearing out of nowhere to menace the Enterprise, and our heroes looking lost, bewildered and thoroughly outmatched by Benedict Cumberbatch's spitting mad John Harrison at every turn. We also see the Enterprise taking heavy damage and headed straight for Earth atmosphere, which is traumatic stuff for fans. And you get another glimpse of that space jump, with Kirk ejected from the Enterprise for reasons that remain to be revealed.

As Simon Pegg just tweeted, "Last trailer. If this doesn't convince you, nothing will."

The film, of course, also stars Zachary Quinto, Bruce Greenwood, John Cho, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, Alice Eve and the aforementioned Mr Pegg, and hits UK cinemas on May 9, which should relieve those itching, burning sensations you're currently feeling. Unless those are unconnected to the watching of this trailer, in which case seek medical advice.