New Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer

Evil goes global. Again...

Paul WS Anderson seems to have turned suiting his other half (that would be Milla Jovovich) up in black leather and latex into a sort of family tradition. Every two years, she dons constricting outfits and they make another Resident Evil movie. The latest, Retribution, arrives on September 28 and the latest trailer can be experienced below.

Retribution promises more of the same from Anderson and his team, which means that those who have enjoyed what’s gone before will be delighted and those sick to the back teeth of the undead franchise will pretend it doesn’t exist.

This time around, we get to dig a little bit into Alice (Jovovich)’s past, both in terms of discovering some misapprehensions about her origins and alongside returning actors such as Michelle Rodriguez, Sienna Guillory and Oded Fehr. And the nasty Umbrella Corporation seems closer than ever to realising its goal of total destruction, with Shawn Roberts once again playing snide boss Albert Wesker.

There’s also the usual new batch of zomboids and creatures, with flying fiends, giant dangers and something new that Jovovich, talking in a live chat on Facebook before the trailer’s release this morning across the pond, wouldn’t be drawn on. We know what we’re getting nowadays with the franchise and, as ever, the ethos seems to be that the more beasties you can stuff in and the more you get Jovovich doing crazy stunts, the better…

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