New Quantum Of Solace Trailer Online

More bangs, more babes, more Bond... has unveiled the exclusive first look at the latest trailer for Quantum Of Solace and, colour us excited if you must, but this is shaping up to be a bloody brilliant Bond adventure. You can watch it by clicking here (or see it in glorious hi-def here).

And now for the outpouring of excitement... Whoever thought of continuing the story where Casino Royale left off (the first time such a trick has been employed in a Bond movie) deserves a medal. 007's all-consuming revenge mission allows for Daniel Craig to employ his very best pissed-off expression while blowing all manner of things up in new and ever-more thrilling ways.

Our favourite bit? Bond and opponent falling through a glass ceiling, followed by the bit with the flying bike, then the bullet-ridden car chase, then... Oh hell, bring it all on.

The October 31 release date just can't come soon enough.