New Prometheus Picture Online

Is Fassbender a paranoid android?

With the Prometheus trailer soon to bookend one of the most spectacular weeks in promo history, Empire has laid its mittens on a new still from the film. It shows Michael Fassbender's character under-armed and stumbling upon some kind of space nastiness. With the actor's current run of psychosexual crises in mind, we're guessing it's some kind of nudie alien action. Question is, is Fassbender playing a proto-Ash android? And is he/it setting up the crew of the Prometheus for a nasty fall?There's something about Prometheus that brings back memories of Christmases gone by - the sense of knowing that something exciting is around the corner, but having absolutely no idea what it is. Either Sir Ridley has taken a leaf out of The Tree Of Life's book and turned out an elliptical treatise on the meaning of existence, or he's just keeping the finer details to himself. Either way, the trailer should answer a lot of questions.

The director's recent chat with Icelandic site Filmophilia, in which he explained that the first link between Prometheus and Alien doesn't come until the end of the third act, suggests 2001 will be more of a touchstone even than Aliens.

Check out the new issue of Empire for more from the film's set.

Prometheus is in cinemas in eyeball-busting 3D on June 1, 2012.