New Predator Film From Rodriguez?

Rumours of a Robert reboot

File this firmly under "rumour" for the moment – but don't let that stop you getting excited / outraged. There's a story online that Robert Rodriguez' Troublemaker Studios will produce a remake of Predator, the quintessential men-in-jungle-vs-alien film.

Robert Rodriguez was rumoured to be working on a Predator 3 years ago, which never came to pass, so he's clearly interested in the franchise. But according to Bloody Disgusting, his team in the reboot would face a "mysterious race of vicious monsters", implying that there might be more than one of the alien hunters around.

There's no script as yet – that reference above comes from a pitch going out to writers – but it certainly looks like this is a possibility. So: is this a goddamn sexual Tyrranosaurus of an idea? Or should we all get to da choppa?