New Piranha 3DD Posters Online

Something seems fishy...

While there were some worries recently that the Piranha 3D sequel, cunningly titled Piranha 3DD, might be skipping UK cinemas altogether, that fear appears (happily) unfounded. And although there’s no confirmed date for the film’s release yet, there are a couple of posters on the web.

The first, dug up by Zone Fears, finds the finned fiends swarming towards a woman, with their toothy mugs reflected in her shades. We're not quite sure how this one works, since she doesn't appear to be underwater, but we won't quibble over logic given the general tone of this franchise. The other, over at Bloody Disgusting, takes more of a Jaws approach, with the hungry hordes rising up towards a bikini-clad babe. You’ve got to hand it to them: they’ve found a theme they want to use to advertise this film, and they’re sticking to it.

Piranha 3DD features John Gulager in the directorial hot seat, wrangling a cast that includes original film survivors Ving Rhames, Paul Scheer and Christopher Lloyd as well as new cast members/fish food Katrina Bowden, Chris Zylka, Danielle Panabaker, Gary Busey, Elise Neal and Allison Mack. Oh, and David Hasselhoff, who we’re hoping meets his maker in a suitably Baywatch-spoofing fashion.

Piranha 3DD will swim in later this year.