New Piranha 3D Poster Arrives

Just when you thought it was safe...

Schlock-tastic-looking horror remake Piranha 3D has set its fishy sights on us, and is now digging into a very familiar bag of marketing tricks to convince us all to see the killer fish action.

Take the latest poster for example, which you can take a gander at below. Does it remind you of anything? Perhaps an iconic film image from years gone by? Yes, thought so.

Still, fair play to the promotional bods who decided to raid the nostalgia cupboard to make the French poster for the movie into something fun.

The movie itself hinges on the quiet location of Lake Victoria, which every year throws off its sleepy small-town shackles to host a rampaging horde of horny, drunken, Spring Break-partying young things.

Sadly, this year the party will be crashed by a seething pack of man-eating aquatic beasts set free after an earth tremor. Can Sheriff Julie Foster (Elizabeth Shue) marshal a group of strangers together to fight back against the finned fiends? That would be telling…

Piranha 3D opens on August 20.