New Phantom Menace 3D Posters

Here comes pod!

Unless you've been living in the watery parts of Naboo, you'll know that George Lucas has been busy 3D-ifying the Star Wars canon in preparation with hurtling a galaxy of Jedi wonderment at our eyeballs over the next few years. With Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace the first to hit our screens next month, ComingSoon (via Kino Gallery) has laid its hands on five fresh new posters to promote the movie's re-release.

The posters are a nice throwback to the high points of the film, Darth Maul especially, while Jar-Jar continues to languish in some kind of intergalactic photoshop dungeon. Nothing quite as dazzling as that remarkable first teaser poster, but more than enough to get our juices flowing. Click on the posters to enlarge. Lucasfilm has already launched a trailer for the re-release, which you can watch here.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace is out in our cinemas in 3D on February 9.