New Man Of Steel Trailer Flies In

'It's not an S...'

Tuesday afternoon at the Las Vegas CinemaCon was Warner Bros.' chance to show off their 2013 slate, which had some impressively big hitters. Amongst the biggest was a brand new trailer for Man Of Steel, introduced on stage by director Zack Snyder. It’s officially online already and can be viewed below.

If you’ve watched the previous, moody, Terrence Malick-y promos and worried that this new, Chris Nolan/David Goyer concocted take on Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) might be sending the character in a quieter, more emotional direction, this should go a long way to calming your nerves. Because far from keeping things under wraps as with the other teases, this is full-on action movie advertising, with a wide scope but still room for plenty of honest feeling, particularly from Russell Crowe as Jor-El and Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent.

Among the other highlights: what sounds like a sample of the score, which seems to prove that Hans Zimmer didn’t need to worry too much about creating a new take on the character’s musical backing in the shadow of John Williams’ iconic themes, some proper reasoning for Lois Lane’s (Amy Adams) pursuit of our hero and lots of action moments, including civil war on Krypton and Supes fighting for his life on Earth.

Oh yeah, and Michael Shannon’s Zod getting slighty angry. You want to watch that temper, there, fella. A man could do himself an injury getting that strained.

Man Of Steel touches down on June 14. We predict this trailer will, for some of you, at least, make that wait a little tougher...