New LOTR DVD Snippet Online

A few minutes of the Fellowship entry

In their ongoing effort to convince us that what we really, really need is to buy another version of the Lord Of The Rings DVD, the canny people behind the discs have decided to get our appetites well and truly whetted.

The new, Limited Edition releases, which hit the shops on September 25, feature two-disc versions of each film. They’ll boast branching, which lets you decide whether you want the Extended or Theatrical cuts and each of the trilogy comes complete with a new, exclusive and extensive behind-the-scenes documentary.

Hardcore Ring fans will likely know that already, but if you’re wavering on whether to buy the disc, a little piece of the tempting precious has been put online at a small chunk of the Fellowship documentary.

Head over here to see it and then decide if Granny’s worth selling to add these to your collection.