New Iron Lady Teaser Online

It's PM dawn

As big reveals go, Meryl Streep's new incarnation as Margaret Thatcher was always going to be intriguing. Could she nail the Iron Lady's distinctive voice and mannerisms? Could she convey the unwavering conviction? Would CGI be needed to recreate that hair? Hey, this is Meryl Streep. It was always in the bag. Have a look at the movie's new teaser trailer, debuting on The Guardian, for proof.

Whether Streep's turn as Maggie is the second coming or the second movie kraken in as many years depends on your political stripes. The teaser - set, a little incongruously, to Clint Mansell's Moon score - steers clear of the politics to centre on Thatcher's origin story. Here she's under the wing of Roger Allam's press svengali, Gordon Reece, the Conservative Party's director of publicity, who battles to make the often strident MP more palatable for the voters. And that's Nicholas Farrell with him, but we're not sure of his character name yet.

The biopic reunites Streep with Mamma Mia! director Phyllida Lloyd, a partnership that worked out pretty well last time. Expect substantially less singing this time. Jim Broadbent, Anthony Head, Richard E. Grant and Olivia Colman round out the cast.

The Iron Lady is out on January 6, 2012.