New Good Day To Die Hard Trailer

'Nobody's gonna die today'

brightcove.createExperiences();While Bruce Willis’ John McClane might think that no one will die today, the sheer amount of explosive carnage promised by A Good Day To Die Hard makes us think that at least a few of the villains will be popping their clogs. Take a look at the new, international trailer for the latest outing of John McClane Should Never Travel Anywhere.

Weirdly, this new, second trailer almost feels like it should have come before the first one, as it sort of segues nicely into it. We’re treated to some repeat footage – the exploding cars, exploding buildings, carrot-munching villain and the slinky Irina (Yuliya Snigir) unzipping her bike leathers, there’s also plenty of preamble.

Featured at the start is Mary Elizabeth Winstead, making what’s likely to be brief return as Lucy McClane, trying to persuade her dad to avoid messing things up more in Russia. Ha! Good luck, Lucy.

We also see a little more of Jai Courtney as Jack McClane, who initially is not so pleased to see his estranged, dear old pop. Still, by the time the title cards come up, father and son are working side by side, mostly to shoot things. As any good parent-child team should. Well, a McClane parent-child thing. As they say, there’s not much room for hugging in that brood.

Also new is the poster for the film, which arrives courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Check it, and a new image of the movie, out below in the gallery.

With John Moore orchestrating the madness this time, A Good Day To Die Hard will be a good date to try hard on (now we look at it, that seems wrong in some many ways it has gone back around to right again) as it arrives on February 14.