New Franklyn Posters Online

Oooh, Italian-y!

Upcoming British sci-fi Franklyn, set in a dark future England where religious fanaticism has taken over, is due out here next month but is still largely under wraps, so it's good to see these new Italian posters for the film online, even if we have only the haziest idea what the taglines mean.

The film stars Ryan Phillippe, Eva Green, Sam Riley and Bernard Hill, as four loosely connected characters in this future imperfect. Phillippe's a masked vigilante, Green a rather macabre art student, Riley a broken loner and Hill a broken man searching for his son.

New Franklyn Posters Online
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If our Italian doesn't fail us, and it might cause we don't speak it, the first poster says "Tonight I killed a man" and the third and fourth say, "Two worlds are colliding". Don't say we never teach you anything.

Franklyn is out on February 20 in the UK.