New Expendables 2 Trailer Arrives


The teaser trailer for the full Expendables 2 trailer below - yes, yes indeed - was essentially an excitable introduction from Terry Crews and a series of explosions.

This full-length version has much, much more, including a few words of wisdom from Sly himself, just to get you into the mood.

As you'd expect from a movie that assembled the greatest action cast ever assembled, then added even more action stars - Bruce Willis and Arnie get bigger roles; Jean-Claude Van Damme finally gets on board - it's big, it's boisterous, and it's got hella loud explosions.

Each big name gets his own beat, such as Arnie's nice little aside about the size of Smart cars as well as, um, another weird knife pun from Lee "The Stath" Christmas - no limericks this time, perhaps? - but generally it's a deluge of explosions, action sight gags and some awesome-sounding words from some incredibly muscly men.

If the first Expendables didn't explode your world - for want of a better phrase - it's important to remember that this one is directed by Con Air's Simon West (who was also behind Statham's The Mechanic recently), which may persuade you to take a second look.

Also, when Arnie says, "I'm back" - does that work? We need your thoughts on that one, so let us know what you think in the comment box below.

The Expendables 2 is out August 17.