The New Empire Cover Arrives

Triple the actiony goodness

Are you still a little sleepy this Monday morning? Never fear, we have something that will blast you awake: it's the new cover of Empire, starring G.I. Joe: Retaliation's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Battleship's Taylor Kitsch and only Men In Black 3's Will Smith. In the immortal word of The Rock, BOOM!The trio leads our blockbuster issue as our expert team bend their brains to the task of predicting and previewing the summer's 20 biggest films. We've talked to stars and filmmakers from the aforementioned cover boys to Joss Whedon, Ridley Scott, Samuel L. Jackson, Rhys Ifans and many more. We're also bringing you the latest from Hugh Grant, a wealth of unseen pictures from Titanic and all the news, reviews and interviews you'd expect.

The April 2012 issue of Empire will hit newsstands on Thursday February 23. Get it while it's hot!