New After Earth Trailer Crashes In

Danger is real. Fear is a choice.

On the heels of the poster for the new Will Smith/Jaden Smith joint movie outing After Earth comes a new trailer, which borrows some footage from the first one and adds plenty more. Set your Internet view screens to Apple’s site to see it.

After Earth is set 1,000 years after mankind left a ravaged, cataclysmic Earth behind. Now, on a routine space journey, famed General Cypher Raige (Smith the elder) and his son Kitai (Smith the younger) are suddenly thrust into a life-or-death situation when their ship crash-lands on the planet.

In the time since its humanoid children departed, the world has evolved to become a scary, much more dangerous place where pretty much everything is out to get us, a bit like a pub crawl night in Watford.

If that wasn’t hostile enough, relations between father and son are distinctly frosty, as Kitai is failing to live up to his dad’s reputation and Cypher doesn’t seem to know how to bond with his son. Looks like they’ll get a kick in the pants when Cypher is badly injured and Kitai must embark on a perilous quest to locate and activate a rescue beacon. Cue something that feels like The Crystal Maze on a planetary scale…

Director M Night Shyamalan will be hoping for a kudos injection with this one, which also features Zoe Kravitz, Sophie Okonedo, and Isabelle Fuhrman. After Earth hits our screens on June 7. For more on this and lots of other sci-fi pics, hit up Empire's massive 2013 preview.