New Downey Jr. Avengers Doc Clip Arrives

Meet the leader of the band

There's a 90-minute documentary on the Avengers Assemble UK Blu-ray called 'Assembling The Ultimate Team' - yep, the one only available at certain orange-coloured supermarkets - and here is a new snippet from it called 'Leader Of The Band'.

It gets that name because the director/writer/bearded genius behind The **Avengers/Avengers Assemble**, Joss Whedon, happened to call Robert Downey Jr. that during a piece to camera for said documentary, and it's a pretty fair summation.

Chris Hemsworth goes onto call him "The Godfather of The Avengers, in a sense" and Tom Hiddleston shares his thoughts about joining him after watching Iron Man for the first time on the set of Wallander.

But, with this being just a tiny snippet, you may want to watch our exclusive Samuel L. Jackson orientated clip to tide you over until the actual DVD/Blu-ray itself arrives in stores on September 17.