New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Lands

A storm is coming...

Well, that didn’t take very long, now did it? Mere hours after the launch of the latest viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises – a scavenger hunt for graffiti revealing frames of the latest trailer – all the frames have been found and the promo itself is now live over at the official site. You can see it in a variety of formats, but it’s also watchable in the player below.

In a world where Christopher Nolan’s big finish to his Batman universe is now competing with the likes of The Avengers and Prometheus, this latest look at Rises definitely does not disappoint.

Those of a spoiler-averse nature will definitely want to avoid this: though not much more is revealed in terms of plot, there are many cool moments that you’ll likely want to experience for the first time on the big screen (the VERY big screen given how much of the movie is likely to be in the IMAX format).

It’s an intense, moody, epic teaser for the film that cannily takes elements from previous promos, and stitches them together into one almighty kick in the gut. Things go boom, Bane growls (much more audibly than in the prologue, we note, though his first line still had us reaching for the rewind button), Anne Hathaway gets more to do as Selina Kyle and even Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a moment or two.

We know many of you were eagerly awaiting the movie. Prepare to have your anticipation levels cranked to somewhere beyond fever pitch.

With Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and Marion Cotillard also among the cast, The Dark Knight Rises on July 20. It can’t get here soon enough.