New Bullet To The Head Trailer Online

Bang. Down. Owned.

If you had a night (or an afternoon) at the movies this weekend, you may have caught this already, at huge scale and deafening volume. But the rest of you need fear not, for the new "international" trailer for the Stallone-starring, Walter Hill-directed Bullet To The Head, is now tearing up the interwebs. It may be titchier than in the cinema and not as loud, but it still has na'ry a thought for political correctness or doing things by the book.

What's different this time? Really not very much, it must be said. We get more of the axe fight between Sly and Jason Momoa; some slightly tweaked one-liners; actually less in the way of set-up; and a greatly enhanced pace. But the most significant difference isn't in the visuals or dialogue at all: it's Motorfuckinghead on the soundtrack. Enough to make your backbone shake. Enough to make your stupid faces quiver.

The film is set in New Orleans, and it's about a cop (Sung Kang) and a hitman (Stallone) who join forces to take down their common enemy Adewale Akkinuoye-Agbaje (Momoa is a henchman). It's based on the French comics series by Alex "Matz" Nolent and Colin Wilson, and it's Hill's first cinematic outing since Undisputed in 2002.

Christian Slater, Holt McCallany and Sarah Shahi are also on board, and it's out in the UK on February 1.