New Back To The Future Trailer

It's back to the big screen. Oh boy!

Let us all bow our heads and give thanks for Back to the Future, without which we wouldn't know what a flux capacitor was or the significance of 1.21 gigawatts. Today we've got a new trailer for the film, cut in what we're assuming is a deliberately 1980s style, for the re-release (yes, you heard that right!) this October.

The original film will be released in cinemas on October 1 (yes, in the UK), with the entire trilogy on Blu ray following on October 25. We're told it'll have two hours of new extras to boot - including a retrospective documentary with all involved, a discussion about the film's physics and a storyboard alternate ending sequence. Plus it'll be all digital and shiny.

Given that we still have 5 years to wait until Marty McFly turns up in the future in Back to the Future Part II (by which point we'll all have hoverboards, hooray!), this should keep us going in the meantime.