New Avengers Banners Online

Marvel at Whedon's finest

Two suitably ginormous new banners for The Avengers have hit the web boasting the greatest assembly of superhero talent in the Marvel, or any other, universe.

We've seen the crew before but Bruce Banner gearing up for a proper Hulk smash is a big highlight. Stylish, elegant and powerful - and that's just Thor's lustrous mane., meanwhile, has confirmed that Captain America composer Alan Silvestri is back on board to score The Avengers. “I'm just at the beginning stages of all of that right now and it’s feeling very good, says Silvestri. "I'm looking forward to seeing the evolution of this film. Joss Whedon has really done something magnificent and I think everyone who loves Marvel and their films will especially enjoy this one.”Head to Empire's handy explanation of where The Avengers fits into the Whedonverse. The teaser trailer should also fill a gap for anyone hungry for more Marvel-ousness.

The Avengers will assemble in a multiplex near you on April 27, 2012.