New Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

With some new footage...

Livening up an otherwise slow Memorial news day, Marvel Australia has put out another new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. There isn't a load of new footage in this one – it’s largely a remix of the most recent UK and US effort – but what is fresh is fun. Have a look below.

Yes, while Sally Field’s Aunt May and Martin Sheen’s Uncle Ben are still getting the short straw in terms of trailer exposure (they’re there to provide the meat-and-potatoes drama that doesn’t necessarily translate to eye-candy shots in a movie like this), Emma Stone enjoys another good moment as Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker throws her out of a window. Blimey, we’ve heard of tough ways to break up with your girlfriend, but this is ridiculous… Okay, okay: relax. He’s just making sure she’s safe. There’s another small comedy bit between them as they sit in the bleachers at high school and Pete shows off his improved throwing skills.

The rest is primarily what we’ve seen before: Spidey facing down Rhys Ifans’ Dr Curt Connors in both human form and as a the scaly, mutated lizard, lots of swinging and more nods to Peter’s darker past with his parents’ disappearance.

With Embeth Davidtz, Denis Leary, Campbell Scott, Irrfan Khan and Chris Zylka also in the cast, The Amazing Spider-Man is out on July 3.