New Alice In Wonderland Stills Online

And Tim Burton gets (concept) arty

Tim Burton is currently up to his eyeballs in post-production on Alice In Wonderland, magicking his vision of Lewis Caroll's fairytale into cinematic life using some very big computers. Judging by this new swathe of dispatches from Wonderland, it's all coming along nicely, especially if you like dormice with a tiny, ever-so-slightly pathological glint in their eyes.

These new stills show the Dormouse (voiced by Barbara Windsor) in action, along with the dandified White Rabbit (Michael Sheen), scarfaced Knave of Hearts (Crispin Glover) and Helena Bonham Carter's Red Queen inspecting her frog escort.

The last two characters also appear in Burton's wonderfully loopy concept art - is it us or does the Knave of Hearts look a little like an eyepatched Quentin Tarantino? - with a harried looking White Rabbit presumably en route to luring Alice back to Wonderland.
{Alice In Wonderland - Concept Art 2}
Last but not least, this featurette gives of glimpse of how the CG-ified creatures will look on screen. Clue: fairly awesome.

For more than that, though, you'll have to wait until March 5 when Alice In Wonderland is released in the UK.