The Mistaken Identity

BBC News slip to be made into movie...

It was just another day for Guy Goma…or so he thought.

When the unemployed Computer Technician wandered into the BBC for a job interview earlier this year, no-one could of predicted what was about to happen. Within an hour he'd been identified by the wrong name, mistaken for an internet expert and promptly interviewed live on BBC News 24 – eventually managing to answer three questions concerning the Apple vs. Apple court case. Appearances on GMTV and Jonathan Ross followed. Unbelievable.

It now appears producer Alison Rosenzweig (Windtalkers) has been planning a movie based on the incident. “He's a fun, kind of internationally famous person, that I think is an interesting source for movie material” said Rosenzweig. The search for studio backing is now on. Mr. Goma told the associated press agency that "If they want to do a movie, I don't mind talking with them."

The status of Mr. Goma’s application for the Data Support Cleanser role is yet to be disclosed.

You can watch the infamous clip over at YouTube.

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