Is Miller Ready To Cast Justice League?

30-40 actors in contention, apparently

Seems that we’re going to find out who the new Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern et al are sooner rather than later.

With a pretty hardcore deadline on his massive Justice League Of America movie, which is due out in 2009, Australian director George Miller is fast-tracking the casting of the mother of all superhero movies. And then some.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Miller flew into Hollywood over the weekend for a two-day casting session with some of the hottest young actors in Tinseltown, all of whom were auditioning for the key roles in the JLA movie, which brings the aforementioned superheroes, as well as Martian Manhunter and Aquaman, together on the big screen.

Miller is seeing about four or five actors for each role, with a few overlaps, although he will apparently be testing the actors in pairs and then an overall group, so he can judge the eventual look of the Justice League. No costumes, though, are involved, which must come as a relief to the likes of Adam Brody, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and the rapper Common who are all involved.

Miller will present his findings to Warner Bros. in midweek.

The list of auditioning actors also includes Joseph Cross, D.J. Cotrona, Michael Angarano, Teresa Palmer, Max Thieriot, and Scott Porter, Adrianna Palicki, and Minka Kelly from the TV show, Friday Night Lights.

Miller aims to cast the principal heroes at a relatively young age – most of the actors concerned are early-to-mid-20s – and see them grow into their roles over the course of a couple of JLA movies.

So, readers, who do you think fits on the list, and who should get which roles? Is Adam Brody really suitable to play any superhero? Should Miller and WB ditch their plan to not cast Brandon Routh as Superman and Christian Bale as Batman while, confusingly, keeping both actors attached to those heroes’ separate franchises? Should they be giving Ryan Reynolds whatever he wants to play The Flash? Should Miller be casting older – could you take a twentysomething Batman seriously? Where are the likes of Henry Cavill, who auditioned to play both Batman and Superman for Chris Nolan and Bryan Singer?

Knock yourselves out in our comments section and the minute we hear any concrete JLA casting news, you’ll be the 47th to know.