Miller & Lord Build Lego Movie

Cloudy directors break out the bricks

As previously reported, Warner Bros. have a Lego movie in development. Said Lego movie now has no fewer than two directors, in the form of Phil Lord and Chris Miller: the pair behind Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

Warners and the Lego company were initially unsure whether they wanted to go live-action or fully animated with the film. Lord & Miller, who pitched their idea at a Lego convention in Fremont got the gig by incorporating both, impressing the execs, who are extremely protective of their product and its image. Their work on the imaginative and successful Cloudy also stood them in good stead.

The plot is secret at the moment, but takes place in the "Lego world". Denmark? Warners are also behind the numerous Lego videogames (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Harry Potter) that have emerged over the last few years. While obviously very kid-friendly, those are great fun, so if the film shares any of that direction and feel, it'll be building on the right knobbly foundations.

Miller & Lord are currently at work on the 21 Jump Street update with Jonah Hill. They'll tip out the contents of their Lego bucket after that.