Michael Fassbender Plans Cuchulainn

He's becoming an Irish myth

Given that his star has been rising faster than the average rocket, you might expect Michael Fassbender to take advantage of his newfound clout to start developing some projects for himself. Surprise! That’s just what he’s doing, developing a tale based on legendary Celtic warrior Cuchulainn.

The man they call The Fass is working with Public Enemies writer Ronan Bennett to craft a film about the Irish legend, the central character in the Ulster Cycle.

Dating from around the 8th century, and said to take place about two millenia ago, the stories centre on the conflict between the Ulstermen led by King Conchobar and the rest of Ireland, led by Connaught's Queen Mebh. Among Conchobar's best warriors is his nephew Cuchulainn, a man with divinity in his ancestry and amazing fighting skills. No prizes for guessing who Fassbender will be playing, then…

As of right now, it’s still at an embryonic stage, with no director attached. But Fassbender and Bennett have rustled up development cash via their Finn McCool Films production company (named for another hero of Irish legend) and with the main man attached, we’re sure someone will want to try to make it.

Fassbender was last seen in Haywire, A Dangerous Method and Shame and he’ll next crop up in a little film called Prometheus, which can’t get here fast enough. We’ll still have to wait until June 1, though.