Meryl Streep As Maggie Thatcher

First picture of The Iron Lady

All of David Cameron's wishes are about to come true, as beloved icon Meryl Streep lends her likeability and considerable acting talent to The Iron Lady, a story in the life of Margaret Thatcher, set just before she took the UK to war in the Falklands. And here's Streep in costume as the lady-who's-not-for-turning herself.

The film casts Jim Broadbent as Maggie's husband Dennis, with Anthony Head as Geoffrey Howe, Richard E. Grant as Michael Heseltine and Roger Allam as Gordon Reece. Alexandra Roach and Harry Lloyd play the young Maggie and Dennis.

Streep's Mamma Mia! director Phyllida Lloyd is directing the film. It's probably too much to hope for musical numbers, however, which is a shame because singalong DVDs full of songs like 'Die, Trade Union, Die' would probably be extremely popular with the current administration. Abi Morgan, of Brick Lane and Sex Traffic, wrote the script.

The Iron Lady is due out later this year, so watch out for it at next year's Oscars. Well, it's Streep, a biopic and an accent, so it's bound to be there somewhere.