Marvel To Bring Runaways To The Screen

Supervillain offspring turn do-gooders

After giving the official greenlight to roughly 7,463* comic book properties a couple of weeks ago, Marvel has now given the go-ahead to an adaptation of lesser-known series Runaways.

Brian K. Vaughan, who co-created the series, which launched in 2002, with artist Adrian Alphona, will write the film about a group of teenagers who discover that their parents are supervillains. They subsequently run away, discover their own blossoming powers and seek to balance out the wrongdoing of their forebears. This isn't a series we've read, but that is a doozy of a set-up for a movie and has franchise written all over it in big letters.

While the rest of Marvel's recently announced films have mainly been given release dates, Runaways is still in the very early stages, so there's no suggestion of when it will be shot or released.

*OK, more like four.