Martin Freeman’s Captain America: Civil War character revealed

Amid the many casting calls for Captain America: Civil War there was one auxiliary announcement that caught the eye. Martin Freeman. What could the man best known as Bilbo, Dr. Watson and The Office’s Tim Canterbury be up to in the MCU? Well, the answer is found in the new issue of Empire. Say hello to Everett Ross.


This exclusive still shows Freeman’s Ross and Emily VanCamp’s Sharon Carter – Steve Rogers' former neighbour – in action. Note the German SWAT team backing them up. Co-director Joe Russo is promising that the return to Germany will bring Chris Evans’ Rogers “full circle”, sending him back to where it all began in a way that will no doubt be emotionally challenging for Cap. As if tackling Tony Stark and his team won’t be tough enough.

A stalwart in the Marvel comic books, Everett Ross is traditionally the US government’s man in Wakanda. It’s a role that obviously brings Freeman into Black Panther’s (Chadwick Boseman) world and makes Freeman a safe bet to be get a broader role in the standalone Black Panther movie. In Civil War he’s part of the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre.

Clearly, with S.H.I.E.L.D. now in smoking ruins and Nick Fury nowhere to be found, the JCTC (seriously, work on the acronym, people) will be trying to keep a tight rein on the like of Cap (Evans) and Bucky (Sebastian Stan). For much more on Captain America: Civil War pick up the new issue of Empire on Thursday, February 25. Head here for a rundown of all the Civil War footage we’ve been treated to so far and here for a full preview of an issue that also boasts world exclusive coverage of The Jungle Book, some amazing first looks and a very special tribute to David Bowie.