Man Of Steel Sequel Ready To Fly

David Goyer & Zack Snyder already involved

Man Of Steel

Quick! Everyone practice your best “surprised” faces. Like when you learned your best mate is planning a surprise party for you and you don’t want to ruin it. Now you’re prepared to react to the news that Warner Bros. is putting a Man Of Steel sequel on the fast track, with writer David Goyer and director Zack Snyder already attached.

While filmmakers involved with big titles like this one routinely shrug off talk of sequels with soundbites about focusing on the movie itself and trying not to admit that thoughts of franchises dance through their noggins like merry elves, this one was all but a foregone conclusion: with healthy test screening reactions, largely positive reviews and lots of buzz building ahead of this week’s release, things are already moving for a second Superman.

According to Deadline, Goyer and Snyder are fully committed (not sure what that means for all the talk of him being handed Justice League, though Goyer is on board to write that too), with Christopher Nolan planning to step back further as producer this time (hardly shocking since he’s busy making Interstellar) and, though it’s not yet official, Henry Cavill likely locked in to don the suit again.

Man Of Steel hits on June 14 and you can read our review right here. Any sequel, of course, needs a villain, so take a look at the rogues' gallery below and decide on your favourite choice…