Man Of Steel Has A New Logo

And a Super-Facebook page...

Though none of us were really in danger of forgetting that Man Of Steel is on its way, the movie’s still-distant 2013 release date and the multitude of superheroes clogging up our screens this summer means that the gang at Warners are taking every opportunity to remind us that the Big Blue Boy Scout in the cloak will soon be soaring into our cinemas. The next wave of promotion has arrived in a fairly standard way these days – with the film’s Facebook page, which bears a new logo. Talking of, have a look in the gallery below.

It’s a shiny new update to the more traditional logo, full of metallic sheen and with a slightly more alien look. And the picture arriving on the Facebook page means that we can likely expect more content as the movie creeps closer to release.

Just in case you did forget anything, Man Of Steel features Zack Snyder directing Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Supes, with Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Jonathan and Martha Kent and Michael Shannon as the scheming General Zod. Oh, and not forgetting Russell Crowe as Supes’ biological dad, Jor-El.

There’s plenty of time to see more from the movie, as it’s not out until June 14, 2013. That’s just the confirmed American date – though since it appears to be launching around the same time in chunks of Europe, we’re hopeful that means day and date over here…

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