Maleficent Movie Is Go

Linda Woolverton writing the script

You might recall that, back in January, we reported on Tim Burton circling a new planned take on the Sleeping Beauty story, one that would focus on the evil queen Maleficent. Well, it’s definitely going ahead, though Burton is still not officially attached.

Disney is certainly shoving it into full-speed ahead development, though, as the Heat Vision Blog is reporting that Alice In Wonderland writer Linda Woolverton is the woman tasked with try to tell the story from the point of view of the “mistress of all evil.”

It won’t exactly be an easy job, since Maleficent has the habit of turning into a terrifying dragon and, you’ll recall effectively cursed Beauty to death with only some magical intervention commuting that to her long sleep.

Maybe Disney will dig into how she had a dodgy childhood, or was possessed, or some other way to explain away her bad behaviour. To be honest, we’d rather see her just be evil, but that’s hardly rousing family entertainment…

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