Lohan Is A Woman Of No Importance

Lindsay starring in Wilde adaptation

Despite having been dead since 1900 (so if you’re reading this at an American development company, no we cannot get you his fax number), Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde – better known to the world by just his first and last names – continues to prove a rich source of material for films and TV.

The latest movie that will be adapted from one of his plays is A Woman Of No Importance, and it’ll star Sean Bean, Annette Bening and that world-renowned classically trained thespian Lindsay Lohan. Hang on…

Janusz Kaminski, who last directed Lost Souls but would probably prefer people to remember he’s Steven Spielberg’s favourite cinematographer, will call the shots on the movie. Howard Himelstein, who has some experience with Wilde, since he wrote the screenplay for 2004’s A Good Woman, has adapted the script.

And for those of you who absolutely need to know the plot, here goes: ambitious whelp Gerald Arbuthnot introduces his prospective employer, Lord Illingworth, to his mother. A spanner enters the works when she realises that Illingworth is her erstwhile lover who deserted her years ago, and is Gerald’s father.