Lohan Heads To Ye Olde Times With Black

Lindsay's going back to comedy

Bashing Lindsay Lohan is a popular sport these days. Some say it may even end up in the next Olympics. But we'd really like to see the once excellent actress who made a few wrong choices get back on track, because she was fantastic in films like Mean Girls and should have gone on to be known for more than drinking and boycotting knickers. So we're pleased to hear that she's apparently joined the next Jack Black comedy.

E! Online is reporting that Lohan will join Black in Ye Olde Times, a film that follows two rival renaissance fair troupes on the competitive circuit. We didn't know renaissance fairs were competitive, but we're all up for a bit of aggressive jousting and brutal assault with a pig's bladder on a stick.

The film is set to shoot in April, with the cast also featuring Cary Elwes, Matthew Lillard, David Arquette, Ann Margaret, Orlando Jones and Molly Bryant.