Leo DiCaprio Going Viking?

Mel Gibson has his eyes on more history

Mel Gibson and Leonardo DiCaprio: together at last? Yes, it would seem so, as DiCaprio has agreed to star in an untitled period drama focused on Viking culture for the man who made Braveheart and Apocalypto.

Variety reports that Departed producer Graham King (who also just worked with Gibson on Edge Of Darkness) got the pair together to talk future projects, and they quickly agreed on the planned epic.

And there's another Departed connection - the film's writer, William Monahan, will be responsible for the script.

So far, nothing is known of the plot besides the fact that Viking enthusiast DiCaprio will get to play one in and the film will likely be bloody (given the likes of Passion Of The Christ, we're not shocked).

"This will be an awe-inspiring story, created with some of the industry’s finest cinematic talent, and I am just over the moon to be making this film with Mel, Leo and Bill,” King said in a statement.

While it's mentioned as the likely next directing project for Gibbo, we're a little more skeptical, since the most recent chatter has been about him scouting prison locations for a movie set in Mexico.