Latest RoboCop Trailer Stomps Online

Is this the future of American justice?

When you put a man in a machine, does one control the other? And how will our complicated relationship with technology evolve in the future? Those are just two of the questions asked by the new take on RoboCop, which has just put a new trailer online.

With this latest promo, Team RoboCop is focusing at least initially on the emotional side of Joel Kinnaman’s Alex Murphy. We get to hear the former undercover cop’s initial confusion at waking up after nearly dying in a car bombing. It turns out he’s not paralysed: he’s been turned into a cyborg by monolithic, profit-hungry company OmniCorp.

Looking for a way to get its military / law enforcement droids onto American soil, the executives decide to turn Murphy’s misfortune into an robo-tunity, and create RoboCop, described by Samuel L. Jackson’s media mogul Pat Novak as “the future of American justice…” Of course, it’s not that simple.

Naturally, there are the usual action set pieces and moments of Murphy confronting his humanity, but the big question that still remains is whether this remake can overcome the naysayers. We’ll find out when RoboCop hits on February 7.