Latest Battleship Trailer Docks

Liam Neeson wants everything loaded

Having unleashed its latest salvo of pyrotechnic chaos back in December, Peter Berg and his Battleship crew have returned to make sure we all realise just how big this film looks to be. Take a look at the latest trailer below.

In between a mix of footage we’ve seen before and plenty of new eye candy, this latest promo expands the story ever so slightly, upping the stakes (with one expert solemnly intoning that the alien attack marks a possible “global extinction event”) and giving us a better look at the enemy (or at least their suits).

If you haven’t already been won over to the film’s side, this likely won’t do a lot to convince you it’s not another destruction-over-detail Transformers, but on the flipside, if you were salivating at the thought of a massive scrap between the US (and Japanese) Navy and some water-loving ETs, then this will just make you that much more eager to have it arrive. We’re hoping Liam Neeson doesn’t just leave the action up to the likes of Taylor Kitsch, Jesse Plemons and Rihanna, though it’s starting to seem that way. Secretly, we want Neeson’s Admiral Shane to be smashing in a few dials on his bridge so he can coat his hands in broken glass and punch a few invaders.

Battleship sails into our cinemas on April 11, a full month before it hits the States on May 18. Dear America: We have sunk your plan to see Battleship before us!